An open letter to the CEOs of Ontario's for-profit long-term care and retirement home corporations

Mr. Wellner, Mr. Guerriere, Ms. Cormack, and Mr. Binions –

Revera, Extendicare, Sienna, and Chartwell, the corporations you run, have paid-out huge sums of money—literally tens of millions of dollars—to your investors. Meanwhile, seniors and their families have been calling on your corporations to invest more profit in care. You have become very good at ignoring their voices. Time’s up.

CEOs like you are paid obscene bonuses while the frontline workers you employ, the ones who care deeply for seniors, are struggling to put food on the table for their own families. And while your shareholders are rewarded for your cost cutting measures, seniors are suffering because you refuse to hire enough staff to improve care.

Understaffing has become an epidemic, especially in long-term care, even though you profit handsomely from taxpayer-funded government business. You have the financial ability to hire more staff in retirement homes, yet you prioritize investors over providing higher quality of care to residents who pay your salaries.

The state of care is in crisis. Many families have told the media this is happening because you operate under a business plan that is founded on providing inadequate resources to care for the elderly.

Ontario seniors deserve better. Frontline healthcare workers deserve better.

Stop your greedy business practices. Start by hiring more frontline staff, and finally take concrete action to address resident isolation and workplace violence that is caused by understaffing.

Show families what you really value by investing more profit in frontline care.

Sharleen Stewart